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Preparing for the Health Sciences at Acadia University

FUTURE STUDENTS - Below you will find lists of first year courses (1000 LEVEL) to consider for various fields in the health sciences. Selection of courses may vary depending on: a) your major at Acadia and b) the school of choice after graduation. Links to schools are found in the right column under each career heading.

CURRENT STUDENTS - Courses recommended or required at the 2000/3000 level are also listed below. Check your school of choice for full requirments. Each school often has a FAQ section with information regarding IB, AP and summer/online courses.


Medicine and Dentistry 

BIOL 1113/1123 (any major) or BIOL 1853/1863 (Kinesiology majors only) MCAT
CHEM 1013/1023 (non chem majors) or CHEM 1113/1023 (chem majors) MCAT
PHYS 1053/1063 (non chem or physics majors) or PHYS 1013/1023 (chem/physics majors) MCAT
PSYC 1013/1023 or 1113/1123 (majors), any sociology courses MCAT
ENGL 1406 (1413/1423) or ENGL 1213/1223 or a writing course (not another language course) (requirement for some health science programs)
2 or 4 semester courses in social sciences/humanities (these will count towards your degree as electives or minor if applicable)

Calculus is no longer a requirement for medicine in Canada. But Chemistry and Physics majors have calculus as a requirement to graduate.

  • NOTE: Some Canadian Schools do not require MCAT scores. The MCAT test includes the following: Chemical & Physical Foundations (Physics, Chemistry), Biology & Biochemical Foundations sciences (Biology, Organic chemistry, Biochemistry), Behavioural section (Sociology, psychology) and CARS (Critical Analysis & Reasoning).  Search for  "MCAT" and get all kinds of information on the official MCAT websit,
  • NOTE: The DAT is required in most schools.

Pharmacy  In  Many programs have switched to the PharmD program and have requirements that take 2 or 3 years to complete. Please check out requirements to your School of Pharmacy of interest. Links to various programs in Canada is found under Pharmacy on the left.

NOTE: Dalhousie PharmD has updated its requirements for entrance  as of 2021. Completing all course requirements within 2 years may not be possible at Acadia depending on your program and course availability at the time you wish to register for the per-requisite courses.  It may be necessary to register for additional pharmacy requirements online or add an additional semester or year to gain requirements or ease the course load.  Repeat credits are discouraged in all programs.


Optometry There are currently 2 schools of optometry in Canada; University of Waterloo and a French program at Université de Montréal.

BIOL 1113/1123
CHEM 1013/1023 or CHEM 1113/1123 (chem majors)
PSYC 1013
ENGL 1413 or 1213 or a 1000Level writing course
PHYS 1053/1063 or 1013/1023 (physics and chem majors)
MATH 1013 (calculus) and MATH 1213 (non bio/chem/physics majors) or MATH 2233 (bio&nutrition majors)
Introductory ethics course
*1 semester in each of BIOL 2053 (microbiology), CHEM 2513 (organic) and CHEM 2713 (biochem) to take in 2nd year.

Physiotherapy (many physiotherapy requirements are part of Kinesiology’s curriculum)

BIOL 1853/1863 or BIOL 1113/1123
KINE 1413 (anatomy)
PHYS 1053/1063 or PHYS 1053 and KINE 2033
MATH 1213 or MATH 2233 (statistics)
PSYC 1013/1023 (Dalhousie) or 6h introductory social sciences
Humanities – includes languages, classics, ethics, religion, music etc.
To be taken in 2nd year: KINE 2413/2423 (6h physiology) or BIOL 2813/2823+3h additional physiology (9h total)

Vet Medicine (there are 5 schools in Canada – AVC-UPEI (GRE test required); DMV, U de Montreal-Quebec; OVC-Ontario (MCAT required), WCVM-Saskatchewan; UCVM-Alberta.  Each school has specific residency requirements that must be met prior to application) AVC UPEI’s current admission requirements are under review and subject to change.

Some of the more common requirement equivalents are:

BIOL 1113/1123
CHEM 1013/1023
MATH 1213 (non bio major) or MATH 2233 (bio majors)
PHYS 1053 (and possibly 1063)
2 credits in English, 3 credits in Humanities and/or Social Sciences, and several electives


Recommended courses at the 2000/3000 level

Depending on your school of choice, the following list may provide you with the minimum required pre-requisites or courses, which will also prepare you for the appropriate standardized test. Check your school of choice for full requirements.


CHEM 2513 (organic 1) MCAT
CHEM 2553 (organic 2) MCAT (small portion)
CHEM 2713 (with lab) or CHEM 2773 (no lab) MCAT
BIOL 2813/2823 Human Anatomy & Physiology or BIOL 3713/3813 (Vertebrate Physiology) MCAT


CHEM 2513 (organic 1)
CHEM 2553 (organic 2)
CHEM 2713 (with lab) or CHEM 2773 (no lab)
BIOL 2053 (microbiology)
BIOL 2813/2823 Human Anatomy & Physiology or BIOL 3713/3813 (Vertebrate Physiology)

Vet Medicine

CHEM 2513 (organic 1) all
CHEM 2713 (with lab) or CHEM 2773 (no lab) all
BIOL 2013 (cell biology) (U of Guelph)
BIOL 2053 (microbiology) (UPEI, SASK)
BIOL 2813/2823 Human Anatomy & Physiology or BIOL 3713/3813 (Vertebrate Physiology) for MCAT
BIOL 2023 (heredity) (UPEI, SASK, U of Guelph)
BIOL 3613 (genetics 1) (U of Calgary) 
BIOL 3033 (ecology) (U of Calgary)


KINE 2413/2423 (physiology)
KINE 2033 (biomechanics)
KINE 3013 (excercise physiology)
Research course in any faculty

Occupational therapy

BIOL 2813/2823 + 3h physiology
or KINE 1413 and 2413/2423
MATH 1213 or 2233 (statistics) 


BIOL 2053 (microbiology)
BIOL 2813/2823 or KINE 2413/2423
CHEM 2713 or 2773 (biochemistry)
CHEM 2513 (organic 1)