Careers in Health Sciences

If you want to keep your options open for a career in the health sciences while completing your degree, consider the following:

  • introductory chemistry
  • introductory biology
  • social sciences and/or humanities*
  • and possibly general physics (medicine, dentistry, optometry, physiotherapy and some vet medicine).

Some programs require all of these, while others have no specific course requirements other than to complete a 4-year degree or a specific number of credits/hours. Links are provided to help you make decisions on course selection and other requirements.

*Social science is the study of human society and behaviours. It includes courses such as sociology, psychology, economics, gender studies, history and political science to name a few. Humanities courses include creative writing, religion, philosophy, music, art, theatre...

Health Science Option

Although it is not a specific program offered at Acadia, this option is a collection of courses that provide a foundation for many programs in the health sciences following your studies at Acadia.

Students may complete the Health Sciences option in conjunction with the Bachelor of Science with Major, the Bachelor of Science with Honours, the Bachelor of Science in Nutrition (without dietetic option), the Bachelor of Science in Nutrition with Honours (without dietetic option), the Bachelor of Kinesiology or the Bachelor of Kinesiology with Honours.

Option courses:

  1. BIOL 1113 and BIOL 1123 or BIOL 1813 and BIOL 1823 or BIOL 1853 and BIOL 1863 or BIOL 2813 and BIOL 2823.
  2. CHEM 1013 and CHEM 1023 or CHEM 1113 and CHEM 1123.
  3. MATH 1013/1023, or MATH 1213/1223, or MATH 1253/2243 and MATH 2233/2243.
  4. PHYS 1013 and PHYS 1023 or PHYS 1053 and PHYS 1063.
  5. PSYC 1013 and PSYC 1023.
  6. SOCI 1033.
  7. 12h from: CHEM 2513, CHEM 2713 or CHEM 2773, COMP 1813, CREL 2443, HIST 2613, KINE 1413, KINE 2033, KINE
    2413, KINE 2423, KINE 3013, NUTR 1313, NUTR 1323, NUTR 2013, NUT 3513, NUTR 3523, PHIL 1413, PHIL 2713
    PSYC 2113, PSYC 2123, PSYC 2133, PSYC 2153, SOCI 2343, SOCI 3263, SOCI 3733, SOCI 4263, WGST 1413.

If you have any questions, you can reach out to Matt Hazel - Acadia's Health Science Advisor at