There are 10 pharmacy schools in Canada in which one can enroll to obtain their pharmacy degree. Look at the links below to get a quick summary on what post-secondary courses and other requirements needed to apply to that specific pharmacy school. Most pharmacy schools require at least 2 years of undergraduate education in order to complete pre-requisite requirements.


Links to programs in Canada

FYI: As of Feb 2022 Acadia equivalent courses to the following Dalhousie pre-requisites
6h physiology - BIOL 2813+2223 (Dal online equivalent PHYL 1000X/Y)
3h anatomy - Not available at Acadia - Dal online equivalent ANAT 1010.03
3h genetics - BIOL 3613 (BIOL 2013 pre-req) online equivalents accepted at Dal are BIOL 341 at Athabasca, BIOL 2341 at Thompson Rivers (BC), students who are interested in other equivalent classes can feel free to contact Dalhousie (credit equivalencies)